Our estheticians are experienced in a variety of skin types and issues. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing escape, some targeted work on a skin concern or help with creating a skin care protocol, we can help you meet your goals.

Every facial begins with a consultation with your service provider. Maximize this time by providing your esthetician with any info that will help with your treatment. Common information communicated at this time is your skin type, your greatest skin concerns, any specific likes and dislikes or questions you may have. While our esthetician’s goal is for you to relax and drift away, they are happy to inform you regarding any of the products and techniques that they are using.


This facial will provide an amazing blend of cleansing and exfoliation with a deep pore treatment for the perfect complexion coupled with our signature massage techniques to leave you in complete relaxation.

Time: 75 MINUTES

The ultimate retreat, this facial will completely relax you while your esthetician addresses your skin concerns such as acne, rosacea, congestion, mature skin/fine lines and more. Includes cleansing, exfoliation, steam, nourishment, mask, toning, extractions, signature massage techniques, and finishes with hydration.

Time: 45 MINUTES 

This time is great if you’re looking for an introduction to a facial or if you’re consistent with your skin care regime and therefore can bypass the extraction efforts included in the longer versions of this facial. Includes cleansing, exfoliation, steam, nourishment, toning, signature massage techniques, and hydration.


Extractions are important to achieving clear skin. This special treatment is designed for those particularly concerned with moderate to heavy congestion and impacted skins. We cleanse the skin and perform extractions during this 45 minute special treatment. It will speed up the healing process of acneic skins that are based on comedogenic (blackhead) problems. Milia (whiteheads) are also addressed in this mini extraction treatment when that is of concern. This facial includes cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extraction, nourish, and moisturization. It’s recommended that this facial is purchased as a series as most will need more than one session to achieve long-term results. Ask your technician or our guest care team for more information when you come in.


Your skin on your face isn’t the only area in need of special attention. Our back facial is a one-of-a-kind treatment applying our signature facial techniques to your back and shoulders. Our talented estheticians can reach all of those hard to reach places and provide the best blend of treatment to help ensure you have a smooth and glowing back. A back facial is great leading into swim season or before any special events where you’ll be baring your back. This service includes a deep cleansing, steam, exfoliation, extraction, mask and moisturixation.


Exfoliation is the ultimate in allowing for fresh, radiant skin to glow. When you are properly exfoliating, products are not wasted on the upper dead skin cells, but instead penetrate to nourish the emerging new skin cells which will keep the skin youthful. If you’re looking for a more targeted approach to skin resurfacing or a more concentrated service, we offer two options – microdermabrasion and chemical peels.

Our diamond-tipped device exfoliates by vacuuming dead skin off your face. The vacuum action stimulates blood flow, which helps accelerates your skin repair process by encouraging your skin to produce collagen. A safe and effective treatment for enhancing your skin texture. You will see a reduction in fine lines, acne scars, burn scars, and hyper-pigmentation. Unlike chemical peels, there is no peeling or crusting of the skin. This service is recommended to be done in a series of treatments over a few months.

Our chemical peels are a facial treatment to achieve a real rejuvenation of your skin with remarkable improvement. We offer a variety of chemical peels to suit everyone’s needs. Some of our peels are more aggressive than others. The stronger peels will require 7 days to 14 days for the process to complete, while others benefit the dermis without affecting the day-to-day appearance of the skin. We can mix and match according to your personal needs and the amount of peeling you may or may not need. This range of chemical peels gives us the opportunity to work with the lightest of skins to very dark skins, as well as very sensitive skins that need work. Your technician will choose the perfect peel or combination of peel to perfect your skin. Chemical Peels require dedicated post-care to ensure your skin will properly go through the healing process. Ongoing peel treatments will improve your skin no matter the condition.


Whether you’re looking to address puffiness, fine lines, and loss of elasticity or dark circles, dryness, stress and fatigue, we have the perfect, luxurious nano gold repair or diamond eye mask for you.

Enhance your facial experience with a sumptuous lip mask. Choose between a nano-gold lip mask to address fine lines, wrinkles, and dry chapped lips or a diamond lip mask to address dry cracked lips, discoloration and dead skin cells.

Added to any facial that doesn’t include extraction, or if you require additional time for extractions.


The Dead Sea and Chamomile Mud Masque soothes, heals, and cleanses the body and mind. The natural healing properties of Dead Sea Mud and selected clays are blended with essential oils that are rich in anti-inflammatory, desensitizing, and healing properties

The Sedona and French Red Clay Mud Masque is the most effective anti-oxidant and anti-aging formulation. This blend purges toxins, leaving the skin soft and re-mineralized with a noticeable glow.

This lovely lavender scrub gently exfoliates and deeply moisturizes. It contains a unique 6 oil blend, Dead Sea salt, evaporated sea salt, and skin-nourishing herbal infusions.